Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Did you know that the author of Peter Pan invented the name Wendy from a nickname someone gave him? They called him "fwendy" (friend). I think that's funny.

So the theme this week is fwendship...I mean, friendship. OH, random thing - I was looking through everyone's gluttony entries and I thought of this quote:

If less is more, think how much more more is!

HAHA. Ok, here's my illustration:

I hope the image is showing up for everyone. If it isn't please let me know. The creature on the left is a character I like to draw called hap. It's excitable and more than a little insane. I guess the one on the right is its best friend. Or maybe it's just some stranger that hap is claiming. How should I know? My friend thought hap was a boy and the other one was a girl, but they're really just its. I kept trying to rephrase that last sentence so it didn't inadvertently include a certain slang word for certain parts of the female anatomy, but I decided it sounded best that way, and I really don't think it'll traumatize you. ha.

Here's another drawing I already had that I think shows friendship. This is a head I drew for monsterland, which is a lovely and fun website.

This is what I do in class when I'm supposed to be taking notes. Shhhhh.